Compass Labs

Compass Labs leverages the open-source nature of the blockchain to build extremely realistic simulation environments for decentralised finance. We train autonomous agents to optimize and automate decision-making at scale.


A python research platform and simulation framework for decentralised finance

>> On- and off-chain data-sourcing for data ingestion and strategy evaluation
>> Agent-based simulation software running at the smart contract level
>> Analytics dashboard to visualize performance and track actions in real time
>> Operating fully on local infrastructure

>> test
>> train
>> optimize

Want to experience the power of our python interface with a quick and easy local setup? Get in touch!Dojo is in beta version testing
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At Compass Labs we collaborate with top academic institutions to contribute to research at the intersection of mathematical finance, statistics, machine learning, and crypto to improve our products and find opportunities in key areas of decentralised finance.

A framework to generalize impermanent loss for
multi-asset pools obeying any CFMM with optional concentrated liquidity
R. Tangri, P. Yatsyshin, E.A. Duijnstee, D. Mandic

A Guide through Impermanent Loss on Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3E.A. Duijnstee, G. Dinenis

Enabling dynamic liquidity provisioning
on DEXs to protect
liquidity providers against exotic
liquidity risk
R. Tangri, E.A. Duijnstee

Dojo in Beta - test, train and optimize
your DeFi strategy!
E.A. Duijnstee, R. Tangri

Elisabeth Duijnstee

>> PhD in Physics @ University of Oxford
>> Machine learning fellow @ Faculty AI
>> Founders and Funders @ Oxford Business School

Rohan Tangri

>> PhD in Statistical Machine Learning @ Imperial
>> AI/ML team @ JP Morgan
>> Algorithms @ NASA
>> ML engineer @ Deutsche Bank

Peter Yatsyshin
Research Scientist

>> PhD in Statistical Physics @ Imperial
>> Honorary research fellow @ the Alan Turing Institute
>> Honorary research fellow @ Imperial College

Lukas Scheucher
Software Engineer

>> Software engineer @ Google
>> Software engineer @ X, the moonshot factory
>> Msc in Mechanical Engineering @ Stanford

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