Compass Labs

Automated Decision-Making for Decentralized Systems

Compass Labs accelerates the adoption of blockchain technologies by building the AI infrastructure to automate and optimize user interactions with any blockchain system. In doing so, we bring together a team of experts in developing and deploying cutting-edge machine learning solutions to the decentralized space.

On-chain Simulation Environments

Compass Labs leverages the open-source nature of the blockchain to build extremely realistic simulation environments for DeFi.
We train autonomous agents to optimize and automate user interaction, and discover opportunities at scale.

Our product is currently in closed alpha version.


Dynamic liquidity provisioning on Balancer
through rebalancing asset weights.

Coming soon

Multi Asset
Liquidity Pools

RAW pools can have up to
50 assets in a pool

Impermanent Loss

Rebalancing asset weights enables reduces impermanent loss without
active management

Gas Costs

Gas fees are socialized across the
entire RAW pool to make active liquidity provisioning economical for all


At Compass Labs we collaborate with top academic institutions to contribute to research
at the intersection of mathematical finance, statistics, machine learning, and crypto to
improve our products and find opportunities in key areas of decentralised finance.

A framework to generalize impermanent loss for
multiple asset pools obeying any constant function
market maker with optional concentrated liquidity.
R. Tangri, P. Yatsyshin, E.A. Duijnstee, D. Mandic

Compass Labs lite paper on enabling dynamic liquidity
provisioning on decentralised exchanges to protect
liquidity providers against exotic liquidity risk
R. Tangri, E.A. Duijnstee


We are a technology startup with engineers and academics with years of experience in computational simulations, machine learning, statistics, finance, infrastructure and crypto.Great people make great things happen! If you find our projects exciting, we'd love to hear from you 💬

Elisabeth Duijnstee
Co-Founder & CEO

Ph.D. in Physics @ University of Oxford
Machine Learning fellow @ Faculty AI
Founders and Funders @ Oxford's Business School

Rohan Tangri
Co-Founder and CTO

Ph.D. in Statistical Machine Learning @ Imperial College
AI/ML team @ JP Morgan
Algorithms @ NASA's Mars Mission

Peter Yatsyshin
Research Scientist

Ph.D. in Statistical Physics @ Imperial College
Research Fellow @ Alan Turing Institute
Research Fellow @ Imperial College

Alexis Lui
Software Engineer

Software engineer @ Elliptic
Software engineer @ Applied Blockchain
Developer & Mentor @ Founders and Coders

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